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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bug Out Locations And Shelter


Monster Deer Blind by Texas Wildlife Supply

Maybe Just Stay Home?

Most people will choose to stay at home rather than take a chance on venturing into the unknown en route to their bug out location.  I totally get that. If at all possible, it probably is best to stay put in your home. You might have too many prepping supplies to transport and hopefully, your security network including friends, family, or neighbors will be stronger where you are.  

There could be situations where you may have no choice but to bug out so it's not a bad idea to have a plan.  If you live in a city, especially in an apartment, you really should have some idea where you could bug out to complete with alternative routes and security measures. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

Where Do We Go now?

In a temporary emergency situation, such as a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster, you should know if and when you really need to evacuate to a safer location. 

But what if there was a long term emergency situation complete with civil unrest, looting, or the breakdown of civil services such police, fire, and emergency medical services? 

It's estimated that in a total power grid down scenario, civil services and society would breakdown within a few weeks. Depending on your circumstances, things could go quite bad quite quickly. 
That being said, it might be a good idea to at least have some place in mind where you believe you would be safer.

In my opinion, you and your family would be safer in a more rural location than in the city. It might be a good idea to consolidate your resources with friends or family in a location that would be easier to defend than say an apartment building.  Make an emergency plan with your friends and family so in the event there is such an emergency, you'll have an idea what to do to keep your family safe. This includes different escape routes to your destination in case you encounter trouble while en route to your bug out location.

Some things to consider when choosing your bug out location certainly include shelter, water source, and the ability to defend the location.  As discussed in previous posts, this is where it would be a very good idea to have some sort of filtration device and water storage.


After buying raw land that is mostly a flood plain, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to elevate a cabin. After researching the issue, we stumbled across a company located in Brady, Texas that builds custom "Monster Deer Blinds."  They are well insulated, elevated, and made out of metal. We use heavy duty magnets for hanging lights, holding screening on as well as many other applications. Our monster deer blind is twelve feet by eight feet with a five foot by eight foot balcony all elevated six feet. These monster deer blinds can be elevated up to twenty feet and full wrap around balconies are available.

We've outfitted the deer blind with a solar generator that can run a small refrigerator and charge our other gizmos during the day. We also have a stand alone air conditioning unit that we run off of a small gas Honda generator.

MPPT Solar Controller And Battery Bank

We found that putting up camo netting helps conceal the deer blind while at the same time providing much needed shade from the hot summer sun.  We use five 100 watt solar panels to power three large RV batteries in our solar generator.

We outfitted the monster deer blind with extra insulation as well as curtains to help trap in heat around the full sized bed.

You can do the same improvements with any structure including wood portable buildings. Just use your imagination.

Having a tent in your prepping inventory is a must have item in the event you either have no set bug out location or can't get there.

Deer Blind Set Up Per Request

Arrived on a flat bed put together except for the supports for the elevation.

This guy was so professional working with this machine.

He held up the 3,000 blind with this machine while we put the frame together for the elevation.

He then just picked it up and moved into place where we cleared. We were very impressed.

We call this the kill zone. One way in and no way out.

With the cammo netting.

We've installed a rain catch system so we don't have to haul so much water up from the creek.

We've planted nine assorted fruit trees as a renewable source of food.

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  1. Have fun and use your imagination building your bug out location!!!!!