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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Emergency Food / Storage, Getting Hungry?


Many of us take food and the ability to obtain food for granted. Almost every day, we all hear commercials or read articles on how the average American family only has enough food in their home to last a few days. I know many people that keep saying they're going to stock up on food, but never get around to actually doing it.

When talking about emergency food, most people think of the tubs of the dehydrated 25 year shelf life foods that, unfortunately, are becoming increasingly expensive. I do recommend having at least a few of these, but there is another way of stocking up on food in case of an emergency. 

A simple suggestion is to buy a bag or two of rice and beans as well as canned food every time you go grocery shopping. This is an inexpensive way of stocking up on food over the years. Keep track of your expiration dates and rotate new food into your stash.

What if I Don't Stock Up On Food?

Ever been in a situation where a hurricane or other natural disaster is predicted for your area? Ever go to the grocery store thinking you'll just grab a few things to get through the storm only to find out the store shelves are being clean out? We have and we live about 200 miles from the nearest beach.

What I saw going on at the store made me wonder how much panic and sheer danger there would be if the situation was a more long term event, rather than a short term event such as a storm.  

If there was a long term event where it appeared that the grocery stores would not be feasible any longer, I would rather already be prepared and not have to put myself or my family in that situation in the first place. Once that event begins, it will be too late to stock up on food. 

What's In Your Fridge?

Unfortunately, in an emergency situation where power is lost for even a few days, most people will lose most of the food in their refrigerator. Even if you have an alternative power source, I would plan on eating the food in your fridge before cracking open your long term emergency food. 

If your refrigerator is still being powered by your solar or gas generator, and if you know and trust your neighbors, you might offer to let them store their food in your working fridge. That's obviously something you have to think about depending on your situation. I believe most of your neighbors will not have a working refrigerator during such an event. 

Expired Canned Food

If you have expired cans of food, do not throw them away.  (Unless, they're bulging or obviously bad.)  Most canned food is still safe to eat long after the expiration date stamped on the can. You can also use that can of food to barter with or even keep as part of a decoy stash of food in case you find yourself confronted by bad guys.

Learn To Be Self Sustaining

Although we do recommend having at least some emergency seeds, it may not be realistic to think you'll be really be eating well very quickly, depending on the region you live in. It's better to have them than to not have them and wish you did.

It would also be good to have fishing and hunting gear as well as the knowledge to be able to process what you catch or kill. If nothing else, it might be a good idea to have books on how to clean your catch on hand.

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