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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Electromagnetic Pulse, Fact or Fiction?

Electromagnetic Pulse,  Fact or Fiction?

The Electromagetic Pulse (EMP) is very real and was discovered during W.W. II during the testing of the atomic bomb which eventually ended the war with Japan. One atomic bomb tested in the Pacific Ocean blew out electrical transformers over 1,000 miles away in Hawaii.  Today, the electromagnetic bomb is also very real and have already been developed by Iran, North Korea, China and Russian to bring our country to it's knees.

Keep in mind, there are many factors involved such as terrain (mountains), distance from ground zero, weather conditions, construction of your home, etc. The problem is there could very well be multiple EMP bombs detonated over the country.

Most experienced preppers know all of this so this is so I'm mainly targeting newer preppers and folks that may not even realize the dangers of such an event.

Below are a couple of interesting videos describing how the EMP was discovered and how it could be used to destroy this country.

Youtube video on an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb

ANONYMOUS - 2017, The Year The EMP Will Be ACTIVATED

In the video above, Anonymous believes an EMP will be deployed in the United States during 2017.

An EMP is desribed as a high intensity burst of electromagetic energy nuclear emitting radio frequency resulting in the change in the magnetic field in the atmosphere which can disrupt electrical systems.

Studies have shown that a relatively small ten kiloton EMP bomb could wipe out the electrical grid on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The Russians have developed and tested a sixty megaton weapon which detonated at high altitude (over 20 to 30 kilometers), could wipe out all electrical grids in the United States.  China, North Korea, and Iran are also reported to have or are in the process of developing the EMP bomb. Not good considering current events.

Studies have also shown that the resulting chaos could cause 90 percent of the citizens in this country to parish within one year.

EMP, Is There Anything We Can Do?

Yes, you need to prepare NOW! With no trucks available to restock grocery store shelves, there will be no food within a couple of days if that long.  Most homes will no longer have water and sewage could very likely back up into houses.

One thing you can do to protect your communications and other electronics from an EMP attack would be to build what's called a Faraday Cage.  This can be a simple metal box that is lined with material that will not conduct electricity such a foam rubber. I have found such metal military surplus containers on

A grounded metal trash can lined with material that will not conduct electricity is another cheap and easy way to protect electronics such as radios, emergency battery packs, night vision gear, etc.

Here are a couple of excellent articles on building a Faraday cage and how they work from The Survivalist Blog.

A great idea from the Survival Blog's story is using your microwave as an emergency Faraday cage.

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