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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Truth About 9mm Silencers - 9mm Subsonic Ammo



Silencers, Not Just For Movies Anymore

Everyone enjoys watching movies with hit men using silencers.  I know I do. but in real life, what are silencers or suppressors really good for? Obviously, the FFL paperwork and background check plus the long waiting period for the federal tax stamp makes them not very worth while to use them like good old Mike Ehrmantraut in the clip below.

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Mike Taking care Of Business In Breaking Bad;_ylt=AwrBT7ogr2VYD9cADtZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyaTF1bG4yBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQTAyNzFfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Breaking+Bad+Full+Measure&fr=yfp-t#id=11&vid=1b406a2de968d6c323f412f787f8e960&action=view

In the clip above, you can hear that booster spring action which sounds exactly like my AAC Ti-Rant 9mm suppressor seen below.  One bad thing about suppressors which is also visible in the clip is the increased amount of blow back which often hits you in the face as you're shooting.

That being said, why should anyone go through all of the hassle to get one?  Here are a few reasons every responsible (and experienced) gun owner should have one, two, three or ten.

First, firearm sound suppressors are a lot of fun to shoot. Shooting with suppressors (with subsonic ammunition) are quiet enough where hearing protection is not needed. In fact, you can carry on a normal conversation with others while you're shooting.

Suppressors reduce the recoil from a 9mm by as much as 30% due to the innovative design of "boosters" built into the base part of the suppressors. The booster is a piston / spring combo that allows semiautomatic with free floating barrels to function properly without malfunctions.

Suppressors For The End Times? What Good Would That Do?

For preppers, having suppressed weapons could give you an advantage over marauders, looters, hippies, or ruffians.  Even though suppressors don't actually silence the weapon, they do distort the sound enough to make it difficult to pinpoint where it's coming from if it's heard by the bad guys at all.  This is because from the bad guy's position, they would likely only hear the displacement of the air as the bullet travels down range.  A way to test that theory is stand about 30 to 40 feet off to the side of someone firing a suppressed weapon and you'll notice the sound of the bullet as well as the bullet striking a paper target. Another advantage to the prepper is that suppressors eliminate nearly ALL of the flash from a weapon being fired.  Also, it would be safer to hunt in the end times using a suppressed weapon as not to draw attention to yourself.

Sig P-239 9mm With AAC Ti-Rant

Unfortunately, it's a little more difficult to find threaded barrels for 9mm pistols.  1/2 X 28 barrels for Glocks are easier to find than for Sigs. Sigs use a different threading for the most part (13.5X1 LH - Left Hand Twist). You can find the correct threaded barrels  (1/2 X 28 RH - Right Hand Twist) for most suppressors sold in the U.S. at EKF I've bought two and have not had any problem with them.

Sig P226 9mm with an Advanced Armament Corp Ti-Rant 9mm Suppressor

Hunting with suppressed firearms is legal in many states in the country and allows for more than one shot when hunting pack or herd animals like wild hogs.  The 300 Blackout is a very popular rifle to hunt with due to the availability of hard hitting subsonic ammunition for that rifle.

Important To Know Before Purchasing A 9mm Or above Pistol Suppressor

Unlike .22 Long Rifle, you can't use a 9mm suppressor or above on pistols and rifles without changing the base of the suppressor. The booster for pistols can't be used on a fixed barrel like a rifle or it will damage the threads on your barrel. You also should not use a "fixed" suppressor meant for a rifle on a pistol with a free floating barrel which describes most 9mm's.

Most modern suppressors will come with, or will have the proper silencer bases to switch between the two.  The Liberty Mystic 9mm suppressor shown below came with a booster base and a separate fixed base for use with fixed barrels.

The Liberty Mystic 9mm / .30 caliber suppressor shown above can be used with a pistol, however, it is heavier that the AAC Ti-Rant due to its rating for use with full auto as well as 300 Blackout rifles.  I bought this suppressor specifically for this rifle. I'm not sure I would recommend this suppressor unless you are only planning on using it for a rifle.

In regards to sound suppression, the AAC Ti-Rant 9 is slightly quieter than the Liberty Mystic in my opinion.

Here is some excellent information on frequently asked questions pertaining to suppressors from Advanced Armament Corp (AAC).

Subsonic 9mm Ammunition I Have Tested

Generally, the magic number for subsonic 9mm to remember is 147 Grains.  There are some specialty rounds out there. Just check the specs to make sure that the muzzle velocity is 1,050 feet per second or slower.

Most of the ammo is for target practice / sport and hobby shooting. The ammo with JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) at the self defense rounds.  Generally, supersonic ammo will be rated higher in foot pounds per square inch (muzzle energy).

Liberty Civil Defense, 9mm +P, HP, 50 Grain, seems to be the best round coming in at 444 foot pounds per square inch.  This is a supersonic round that travels at around 2,000 feet per second giving it a longer maximum effective range at a greater distance will less bullet drop.

Speer Gold Dot, 9mm Luger, GDHP, 147 Grain, at 326 foot pounds per square inch is the round issued by a lot of police departments that use 9mm sidearms.

PPU, 9mm Luger Subsonic, FMJ, 158 grain

Bullet Weight: 158 grain
Bullet Style: FMJ
Muzzle Velocity: 950 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 317 ft.-lbs.

Federal American Eagle, 9mm Luger, FMJFP, 147 Grain

Bullet Weight: 147 grain
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Flat Point
Muzzle Velocity: 1,000 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 325 ft.-lbs.

Speer Lawman, 9mm Luger, TMJ FN, 147 Grain

Muzzle Velocity: 985 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 317 ft.-lbs.

SIG Elite Performance, 9mm Luger, JHP, 147 Grain

Bullet Weight: 147 grain
Bullet Style: JHP
Muzzle Velocity: 985 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 317 ft.-lbs.

Speer Gold Dot, 9mm Luger, GDHP, 147 Grain

Bullet Weight: 147 grain
Bullet Style: GDHP
Muzzle Velocity: 985 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 326 ft.-lbs.

Liberty Civil Defense, 9mm +P, HP, 50 Grain, 20 Rounds 
Obviously NOT subsonic, but a powerfull 9mm self defense round.
Caliber: 9mm +P
Bullet Weight: 50 grain
Bullet Style: Copper Monolithic Fragmenting HP
Muzzle Velocity: 2,000 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 444 ft-lbs.

I have some Israeli and Swiss 9mm subsonic ammo I have not tested, but looks very interesting.  I'll post an update to this posting at a later date.

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